Top 5 places to visit on a camper van tour around Northumberland

As one of the most spacious counties in England it’s little wonder that Northumberland is home to some stunning natural environments and fascinating tourist destinations. Avoid the crowds, get away from the fast pace of city life and explore this majestic county – one of the best ways to do it is in your very own camper van.

Having a home on wheels lets you move around according to your own schedule. There’s no tiresome pitching and packing up the tent, and if the infamous British weather takes a turn for the worse, a van will afford you slightly more protection. So, once you’ve got your van on the road, which Northumberland destinations do you simply have to see? Vancations gives their advice on the top five must-visit attractions.  

Hadrian’s Wall

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, work began on Hadrian’s Wall in 122AD at the request of Emperor Hadrian in an attempt to protect his army from the fearsome Celts north of the border. It represented the very edge of the known world at the time and the fact it is still standing indicates just how much effort was put into its construction. You can walk along its course and imagine what it would have been like to be posted here 2,000 years ago.Housesteads Roman Fort


The county’s most northerly town and the last stop before Scotland, Berwick is a town with strategic importance that overflows with history. For many years the English and the Scots fought bitterly for this jewel in the crown, and it changed hands no less than 13 times. In fact, given the conflict that occurred here, it’s remarkable that the town retains so much character and charm.

Northumberland Lights - Berwick Barracks 2 - John Williamson

Northumberland Coast

Running the entire length of the eastern edge of the county is the stunning North Sea coast. With rugged outcrops, hidden coves and deep blue bays, 39 miles of the Northumberland coast has been designated an area of outstanding natural beauty. The beautiful sandy beaches are perfect for sand castles, and with storybook castles dotted along its length, this is a spectacular place to explore at your own pace.

G3R92544a (Small)

Holy Island

ying just off the Northumberland coast, visiting Holy Island is like entering another world. You do so by driving along the causeway, a tidal stretch that floods twice a day, cutting off the island completely. The island is home to a picturesque village and is known as the Cradle of Christianity, with the Lindisfarne Priory being home to St Oswald and the birthplace of the Lindisfarne Gospels. It’s still a place of pilgrimage today, and is not just home to Saints, but also to some rare and beautiful wildlife. 

_MG_9101 (Small)


Northumberland National Park

Covering almost a quarter of the total area of the county, it’s likely that any visit to Northumberland will take you to the Northumberland National Park. Clear air and cool waters cover this pristine landscape, its small population minimising any signs of man’s interference. There are very few places in the UK that could be considered a true wilderness but this is one of them.

View to the Cheviot Hills


Of course, there are many more places to visit in Northumberland – far too many to mention here. Having a camper van gives you a great opportunity to explore every nook and cranny, experiencing both the beauty of the daytime and the stunning dark skies at night. Our advice? Give yourself a couple of weeks and roam around this stunning county and enjoy the many delights on offer.

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