Alnwick may appear a small and quiet market town nestled midway between the coast and the hills of Northumberland, but in reality there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Alnwick in the spotlight

Take the iconic Castle. Fans of Hogwarts and Quidditch will recognise the walls Harry nearly crashed into, before broomstick flying became the norm. DCI Vera Stanhope has even trampled the cobbles for the TV version of the Ann Cleeves books. Good to put books on the Northumberland map. Especially when reading into the Alnwick area unearthed another literary landmark.

In too deep

in too deepIn Too Deep, by Bea Davenport was published back in 2013 and features Alnwick town, renamed ‘Dowerby’, for a tale of tragedy and new beginnings.

It’s easy to find Dowerby, and lots of tourists do, every summer. Dowerby like lots of other towns in England, has its castle, its haunted pub and its gift shops.

In the book, Maura leaves Alnwick/Dowerby following a tragedy and starts a new life elsewhere before events catch up with her. The event involves the ancient market town’s annual fair which used to involve volunteers in medieval costumes being dunked in huge vats of water. Sadly this no longer takes place, but the medieval essence of the town highlighted in the book is still there.


Medieval vibes

Head to the town square with its cobbled streets and quaint shops under the arches. The Tourist Information Centre is nestled here – the perfect place to start your journey and acquaint yourself with the town.

Sit in the market square and have a coffee as Maura and Rosie do whilst they await the arrival of the London reporter. If there’s medieval dressing up to be done, The Knight’s Quest at Alnwick Castle allows you to dress up and act out your favourite historical scenes – a fun way to learn about history and not just for kids!


Now talking of haunted pubs, there’s a gem to be found in Alnwick – just round the corner from the square in Narrowgate sits a pub called Ye Olde Cross. Known locally as The Dirty Bottles, the window holds several bottles which, if moved, will cause the person who moved them to die. Best to keep them sealed up in local folklore then!

Book-lovers heaven

There’s one more literary location we have to mention – Barter Books. Book lovers beware! Save this until last otherwise you’ll never see any other Alnwick gems.

Set in the old, converted railway station, this is not just a book shop, but an experience. It is full of second-hand treasures waiting to be discovered. Whilst you browse on the platform, look up to read the lines of poetry linking the bookcases, and see a miniature train whizzing along tracks overhead for the full immersive experience.

Barter Books-2

If you prefer to curl up with your tome of choice in a cosy corner, there are plenty to choose from. Have a coffee in the renovated first-class Waiting Room, warm yourself at the fire in the ticket office, refuel in the Station Buffet.

Most importantly, choose another book and you can travel anywhere your imagination takes you.

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If you’re on the hunt for some inspiration, look no further than the picturesque region of Northumberland. Tucked away in the north east of England, Northumberland is brimming with any number of exciting events, attractions and activities – guaranteed to get you out and about in the great British air.

Whether you’re travelling with little ones or it’s a romantic road trip for two, we’ve uncovered some of the region’s most interesting destinations for you to explore this summer. From iconic castles to hidden eateries, whatever you’re on the hunt for this summer season, we’ve got a great line-up to get you started.

Walk on the wild side

The region is home to an abundance of rare wildlife, with the countryside speckled with any number of interesting creatures. If you’re looking to do some seal spotting, park the car and take a boat trip over to the beautiful Farne Islands.



credit National Trust

Country Concierge are now offering an exciting new way to enjoy a taste of Northumberland – a pop-up picnics service delivering “wholesome local food with a twist”.

These can be delivered to (just about) anywhere within a 50-mile radius of Staward Station at Langley-on-Tyne near Hexham. This huge area encompasses both Weardale and Teesdale in County Durham, the Scottish Borders, into the Lake District and out to the Northumberland coast.

In an area full of a multitude of landscapes as difficult and craggy as they are broad and sweeping, we can only imagine this makes for an extremely interesting and diverse ‘day at the office’.

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Some sights change you forever. For me, it was what greeted me when we took the road north out of Seahouses and saw Bamburgh Castle squatting upon its outcrop of the Whin Sill. I’d never imagined a castle, outside of films, could look so commanding. But there it was, master of land and sea and sky. Surely, despite being so far north, a king must have raised such a keep? Turned out, one had. More than one: three of the most important kings in English history, three kings who straddled the divide between pagan and Christian, between Angle and Briton; three kings who set a collection of feuding little kingdoms on the road to becoming England.